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King Merriweather release show!

This is it, that thing you’ve been waiting for, the thing we’ve been waiting for even longer than you have: this is The Show. The King Merriweather album release show! And brothers and sisters, this one’s gonna be one to remember.

  • Friday November 19
  • Saturday November 20
  • 32 Ocean Ave (@ Mission)
    • A stone’s throw from BART, J, K, 14, 49
    • Easy cab access

We’ll present King Merriweather in its entirety both nights, within the rafters and stained glass of a church designed by Julia Morgan, accompanied by some of the musicians who helped us record the album at Tiny Telephone. There’ll be theme-appropriate decoration. There’ll be a special guest Saturday night. We’ll have the album for sale, as well as other worthy items.

If …

  • … you’re a fan of sweeping, orchestral indie rock
  • … you’ve been wondering just what the hell we were up to for those nine months we weren’t playing any shows
  • … you’re curious about what went on in all those pictures you’ve been seeing on our blog
  • … you expect to still be friends with any of us after the weekend of the 19th (just kidding)*

… then we’ll see you there.

Hold onto your butts.



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    I’ll take a band with real strings over some guitar-only nonsense any day of the week!
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    I need to pop this up on your personal radar again, reader, because we’ve found our opening act for Friday. Click...
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    If you’re in the bay, do this!
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    Admittedly, everyone I know in San Francisco knows Jon, but still…
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    Album release party? but it’s so far away..
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